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Ever since we were small, we have taken the environment for granted. But then we grew up and realized that nothing will last forever. We care about the environment and believe sustainability is not some distant goal, but a mindset, reflected in our daily actions and choices. It's about how everyone of us chooses to do things. Every day. We learn everyday and really do our best to be as kind as we can to the planet, by setting goals and high standard to ourselves. As a customer to Tripoint you have the right to do so too, therefore we want to be transparent in what we do regarding sustainability and equality. Below you can read more about our ongoing work.

  1. We will always consider the best material to use in our products, when there is a chance we will choose bio-based material. The material itself should not only be made of better material, it should also be a long life material that can stand towards the toughest activities so your Tripoint glasses can be worn for years. In all of our Tripoint frames we choose to work with a high performance material made of 45% bio based source. It gives us a product that is very lightweighted, strong, crack- and chemical resistant. It is a nylon material mixed with castor oil. We also choose to have Bio-based Nylon lenses in all of our models, the nylon is not only a very high-quality lens which gives you a perfect clear vision, it is also a perfect choice considering the chemical aspect as it is naturally free from BPA.

  2. Our products obviously need to be packaged in something to get through the transports without damage and for the everyday use with you. But it is important for us to choose materials that are as durable and environmentally friendly as possible. We use an uncolored paper box made of FSC certified paper. And to protect your glasses, you will get a pouch made of organic cotton. We try to minimize the packaging parts as much as we can and consider all small details to avoid unnecessary material. Did you notice that inside of our boxes you have all the information of Tripoint and the products you bought so instead of just leave it un-useful you have all the things you need to know in there.

  3. We choose our suppliers carefully – They are not only our partners, but to us they are also like family. Except that we know they are the best in producing high quality eyewear with a sustainability mindset, we also know they care a lot about the people working there. For us, sustainability is not only good material choices. It is also the important choice in that the people who produce our products should feel safe and fairly treated.

  4. We believe that equality and sustainability are closely linked – Equality and diversity are about fair distribution of power, influence and resources. Therefore, it is important to us that Tripoint's team consists of people with different backgrounds, genders, knowledge and experiences. We are sure that equality in work contributes to increased quality and efficiency.

  5. Sustainability throughout the entire chain - Just as important as our sustainability work is in the production stage, it is of the utmost importance to us to choose as smartly as possible, in big or small. We always try to choose the modes of transport that have the least impact on our planet, buy green electricity for our warehouse and office, furnish with durable and recycled materials and furniture, reuse packaging materials instead of throwing them away, etc. Our goal is always to contribute to a planet where both we and our future generations live sustainably together with nature, instead of at its expense.