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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that records your visit to a website and enables the website to identify you as a visitor. When you visit the same website again, the data saved in the cookie can be retrieved and update the website about your previous activities. With cookies, the website can keep track of, for example, the items you have placed in your shopping cart. In many cases, cookies are necessary to provide a certain service on the website.

What types of cookies do we use and why?

We use both persistent and temporary cookies to improve the customer experience for you as a customer. These cookies are also used to offer you a more personalized experience on other websites such as Facebook and Instagram.

One type of cookie is called Session Cookies and is more temporary. They are stored temporarily in your communication device during the time you visit a website. This type of cookie is used, for example, to keep track of the language you have chosen for the current website and disappears when you close your browser. The other type of cookie is more persistent and saves a text file for a longer time on your computer. When the expiration date for the current cookie has passed, it is deleted from your computer.

Necessary Cookies

We use necessary cookies for the website to function correctly. They contain information that we must have for you to be able to access certain services. For example, to remember which products you have placed in your shopping cart or how far you have come in your order. Processing of cookies in this category is based on our legitimate interest in understanding and improving how our site is used.

Marketing Cookies

We use cookies to display ads and offers that we believe you are interested in and that are tailored to you. They are used to collect information for advertising and customized content, as well as for web statistics (third-party cookies that allow you, for example, to see ads on products that you have previously clicked or searched for). We handle these cookies based on our legitimate interest in providing you with as relevant information as possible, but you always have the option to disable them and thereby cease our processing of your user information to display personalized ads.

Analytics Cookies

We collect certain information through cookies for analytical purposes to improve our site and provide us with information about our marketing. To create a better experience for you, we use various analytical tools such as Google Analytics, which helps us collect statistics about how our website is used. To determine who visits our website, we use cookies to create demographic and user-related statistics.

Who has access to the information from cookies?

The information obtained through cookies is accessible to us at Tripoint / Disentis AB as well as our third parties in order to fulfill their purpose. Your information is also shared with external distributors for the delivery of your shipments as well as information about delivery.

Your consent to our use of cookies

You have the option to refrain from giving consent and also to revoke your consent, which you do by changing the settings on your computer so that it no longer allows the use of cookies. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can either block all cookies, delete existing cookies from your computer, or set your computer to receive a warning before cookies are saved. We recommend that you read our cookie policy carefully before changing your cookie settings on your computer. If you change your cookie settings, your user experience may be impaired when you visit our and other websites. Note that if you do not accept cookies, there may be features on Tripoint's website that will not work for you.