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Tripoint Athletes

Sara Hector
Alpine skiier
Aaron Durogati
Pro Athlete & Paraglider
Ebba Andersson
Cross Country Skiier

Glasses with
a mission

Whether it's about choosing our materials or selecting our partners, our glasses are manufactured according to a very strict set of specifications to ensure our products are safe and long-lasting.

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Biobased nylon

Tripoint comes with a biobased Nylon lens with extremely high optical quality. The Nylon lens is both lighter and provides a clearer view than Polycarbonate, which is the most common material for lenses in sports glasses. The lens is also flexible, resistant and has a good “memory”. If you bump or bend them, they will return to their original shape. Nylon as a material is also free from BPA, which is a chemically harmful substance for the body.

Biobased nylon