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007 Chobe
Shiny Transp Black
Brown / Silver Mirror POL

159.95 EUR
007 Chobe - Black / Brown Bronze Multi007 Chobe - Light Purple / Purple Multi007 Chobe - Multi Color / Brown Yellow Multi007 Chobe - Shiny Crystal / Brown Silver Mirror Polarized007 Chobe - Shiny Crystal / Orange Blue Multi UltraVue007 Chobe - Shiny Crystal / Violet Blue Multi UltraVue
007 Chobe - Shiny Transperant Black / Brown Silver Mirror Polarized
007 Chobe - Shiny Transperant Black / Orange Blue Multi Ultra Vue007 Chobe - Shiny Transperant Black / Violet Blue Multi UltraVue007 Chobe - Yellow / Brown Purple Multi

007 Chobe
Elevate your performance and step up your style game with the remarkable 007 Chobe sports glasses. These versatile frames are carefully engineered to cater to your every multisport need. The high basecurve design ensures a snug fit against your face, making them the perfect choice for both gusty winds and radiant sunshine.
Crafted to excel in high-speed sports such as mountain biking, road biking, sufing and skiing, it effortlessly blends fashion with function.

Its sleek design seamlessly marries aesthetics and practicality. The wrap-around lens offers unmatched protection against wind and obstacles, marrying elegance with top-tier performance. It’s like having a second skin glued to your face.

The wide polycarbonate lens delivers exceptional peripheral vision, crystal-clear clarity, and remarkable high-impact resistance. Equipped with a 100% UV protective lens, the 007 Chobe safeguards your eyes against fatigue and the harmful effects of UV rays.

Designed for longevity, the 007 Chobe frame is constructed from 45% organic polyamide sourced from castor oil. This ensures lightweight flexibility, while its shock resistance guarantees lasting durability.

To maintain the pristine condition of your 008 Lake Prespa sports glasses, we offer a customized storage pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth. Additionally, you’ll receive a hard case with a magnetic lock, and it can be flat-packed for convenience.

This model meets the standards EN ISO 12312-1, AS/NZS 1067 & ANSI Z80.3 for sunglasses.